Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Lollipop Shirt (Reverse Appliqué)

I first found this project at Ruffles and Stuff. I really enjoy her blog. She is very talented. When I saw the shirt she made I knew that it was simple enough that I could do it. Unlike the other ladies here at the Polka Dot Umbrella, I do not sew well. Sure I can quilt at an ok level, but as far as following a pattern to make clothes or even refashioning something it's not pretty. I have NEVER made an item of clothing from start to finish. So taking a solid colored shirt to spruce up was right up my alley.

What you need:
1 short or long sleeve plain color cotton t-shirt (I bought mine at Target. Old Navy always has them too.)
Scrap of coordinating fabric
Small strip of ribbon plus some for tying a bow

The first step will show you how much of an amateur I am. My husband bought my sewing machine for me for Christmas a few years back. It is pretty fancy. It had a bag of parts that I thought I'd never need. I still don't know how to use 90% of them. So when I made this shirt I didn't even change my presser foot!!! I just used the 1/4 inch quilter foot. It's all I have ever used. Little did I know that I have a free motion foot. What? Are you kidding me? When I say if I can do this anyone can is 100% true. That takes me to...

Step One: Change your presser foot! Use a free motion presser foot; when I tried it after with the different foot it was much easier.

Step Two: Cut a square out of the fabric you chose for the lollipop. Error on the side of being too big; I used about a 6 inch square piece.

Step Three: Turn the shirt inside out. Pin the fabric to the inside center of the shirt. Pin the fabric with the right side facing down.

Step Four: Draw a swirl on the wrong side of the fabric using a fabric pen or pencil.

Step Five: Sew the fabric to the shirt along the swirly line. I got a little off course, but it was ok.

Step Six: Use scissors to cut between the swirly lines. You will only be cutting the shirt. Trim extra away as needed. Try to keep it even. (After the first wash it will fray and curl a little.)

Step Seven: Pin a small scrap of ribbon to the bottom of the lollipop and sew it on. I tied a small bow and hand sewed that on.

See how simple? Seven steps! I am so excited to try new designs. Check back in December for a great Christmas design using the same reverse appliqué technique.

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The Thomas Family said...

HOLY COW! Your talent amazing me Shauntel! You are awesome. I'll have to teach me some of your amazing skills.