Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Dress Update

I have good news!  Remember last week when I mentioned I was looking for a thrifted wedding dress for my sister.  Well she found one that is perfect for only $50.  It even has a few of the features we were planning on adding.  Here are a few pictures of what my sister was looking for.

Left: Style Vanessa    Right: Strapless A-Line
She really likes the top of the dress on the right.  She also likes the drop waist.  The dress on the right has another style of bottom she likes, big and poofy.  Originally we were looking for a halter style dress that we could add lace over to make the sleeves like the dress on the left.  Overall we want to combine a little from each of the above dresses.  Here is what we found.

The dress actually fits her really well so we won't have to do much tailoring.  The top has a few too many beads but that is an easy fix. The bottom is where we are going to have to fix a lot.  There is too much beading and craziness going on.  Also that bow on back has to go!  We wanted to add a pop of color by adding either a pink sash or pink tulle underneath the dress. 

Doesn't she look adorable!  What do you think about our plans?  Any suggestions?  Seriously I hope we are not in over our heads.


The Shy Bee said...

Very pretty! I love the detail on the top! =) Congrats on a great find!

Jenn said...

Wow. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Diane Conn said...

Very pretty!
if you're going to take off all the beads and lace from the skirt it may leave some small holes or marks. if it does you can add a layer or two of sheer fabric as an overlay. That would cover the possible holes and give you a skirt very similar to the one in the top picture. Good luck!

Beth@Wiccan Make Some Too said...

Oh yeah...get rid of that bow. Your sister looks radiant! Can't wait to see photos form the wedding.

The Miller's @ Prezidential Life said...

You always here about people suggesting this but never actually doing it!! Awesome! Can't wait to see it done!

the miller's
prezidential life

Shauntel said...

I love the top, hate the bow! What the heck? I like the pink sash better than the pink tulle, but it's more common now. Good luck, I'm sure it's going to be amazing!

Hannah @HannahHandmade said...

Aww! SO LOVELY!!! Stop by Hannah Handmade and check out the 12 awesome prizes some great etsy vendors are giving away! This includes two bunches of feather extensions and a free wedding hair accessory! :)

Kassi@FaerieTailz said...

hi i just love a great bargain!!! ok my take on this !!! so loved the elegance of the dress on the left... and love the simplicity of the bottom of the one on the right... but i would leave the dress esp the top just like it is.. about the skirt... i would take off all of those delicious looking lace appliques to keep from ripping the dress apart...easy peasy idea take the sash.. make it so that it snaps in the back... attach the skirt like tulle several layers to the faux sash (kind of like an apron but goes all the way around.. ) the length looked good so this would be the easiest solution.. if you want some of the appliques on the tulle just lke dress on left do touches here and there... but if you leave the appliques on the main dress you could do the tulle so that it slits all the way up the front so that when you move you can see the underskirt(main part of dress) ... would look lovely... hope this all makes sense!!! didnt check the date on this.. so hope ive posted in time!!!lol lots of hugs and best wishes!!!