Monday, August 15, 2011

Doll Clothes

Many things I sew get used here and there, but are never fully worn out or tossed in the washer frequently.  That is, until I started sewing doll clothes.

I have a three year old, and she has a baby in her arms at all times. The baby goes with us just about everywhere, and most of the time it is being pushed in the stroller. Can anyone relate to this stage with your little ones?

I was some what not interested in sewing doll clothes, but after I gave it a try, I was addicted. It is super simple, fun and easy to do. I love that you end with a darling outfit in a matter of minutes versus the hours it takes to sew full scale clothing.

All my patterns came from two sites:
Serving Pink Lemonade
The Blueberry Moon
I also thought that Crafiness Is Not Optional had some great ideas, and there are some darling doll clothes she made that helped me with the designing process.

I did find that I had to enlarge the great patterns at Blueberry Moon. My little girl's dolls are the standard size (which are a bit bigger than the dolls the Blueberry Moon patterns were made for). I made everything 3/4 inch bigger all the way around except for the pants. For the pants I made the rise one and half inches longer and the length of the pants one inch longer.

The diapers fit my gal's dolls perfectly, and sew up super easy and fast.

Boy do these doll clothes and extras get used constantly. It makes it kind of fun to see something you make get used on such a regular bases.

Happy sewing!


Jessica @ Sunny Tuesday said...

Great post! I'm pinning it so I can use it in the future!

Shauntel said...

Another cool thing about this is you could sew matching outfits for your daughter and her doll. Mine would go crazy for that! I totally need to learn how to sew clothes. I am scared!

Pam said...

What beautiful little dolls' outfits! Thanks for sharing the sites where you obtained the patterns. The one and only dress I've made for a doll wasn't from a pattern, so it doesn't fit as well as yours. I made it to match a little dress.