Friday, August 19, 2011

Sprinkler to Tent

Remember this post? I mentioned that the woman who I got this idea from made her kids sprinkler into a tent. Well, we finally got around to doing that. I had to let the sprinkler dry out before I was willing to bring it in the house. Our kids loved it. They sat under it to watch TV and then had a sleepover in it that night. I didn't cleverly sew a cute cover for it. I just used a king size bed sheet off my bed. I used four safety pins, one on each corner, to hold it in place. It was perfect.

They are really good at faking sleep. They giggled for a while before finally falling asleep.
I am so sad to see the summer end. Our daughter already started preschool again and our son begins the first grade on the 29th. What are your last minute end of Summer fun plans? 

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