Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Headband

You will need to cut four strips of fabric, about 4 inches wide. 

 With three of the pieces (one at a time) fold them up.

 You will then cut the your three folded pieces (again, one at a time) into a flower. This was easiest for me by pinning the folded fabric together to keep the fabric from sliding or unfolding while I cut. I also drew my flower on the first folded piece with a marker so I had an outline of what I wanted. (Your flowers do not need to be perfect and even because you will be folding them up)

You will end up with three stacks of flowers. One stack at a time, fold a stack of flowers in half and sew them, leave a little extra string before you sew and after. 

 Now fold your piece in half again, making a fourth. Sew this together, again leaving string.

With your fourth strip of fabric, wrap it around a headband (I bought a bundle of plastic headbands at Walmart and the Dollar Store. I like them because they are weak and do not give me a headache after wearing for ten minutes). 

 After making three flowers, use the extra string to tie them to the headband. Also use hot glue to make sure they are securely on the headband. I also used the hot glue to position the flower's petals how I wanted them to be.

And Ta-da, another headband to add to your collection!


Jennifer said...

Super cute! Love the fabric.

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

I love this!! Great idea - thanks :)

miamihoney said...

So cute! Will have to make a few :)