Thursday, March 15, 2012

Keeping Plants Alive

Last week I had someone request I share some secrets to keeping plants alive. I LOVE plants! and it has taken me a lot of years to learn some simple things that have helped me be successful in keeping my plants alive. 

1 - When you are going to buy a plant, look at the tag that is tucked into the soil. When I am buying a plant for inside, I always look for a Low-Medium light requirement. This indicates how many hours of direct and indirect light your plant needs to stay alive. Remember, through a window is indirect light. 

2 - Planting your plant. . . 

I like to keep my plant in its original container because it has holes in the bottom. This is important when you feed it. I just simply put him into another pot that is much cuter!

 If you want to re-pot your plant add holes to the bottom so your plant can drain. 

3 - Keep your plants in a place where they will receive good light. Next to a window is not as good as in front of the window.

4 - I have plants in my bathroom/ shower and they LOVE the humidity! For plants outside of my bathroom I spray with a water bottle a couple of times a week to keep them moist. (I don't do this as often as I should, but when I do my plants look a lot better!)

5 - Feeding your plant. Your plant typically likes to be fed really well and then left to dry out a little before being fed again. My plants typically like to be fed about every eight days. I do check them in-between to make sure they are not too dry. Now remember, I said feed really well, which is why you should have holes in the bottom of your plants' container. I water mine in the sink allowing the water to go in the top and out the bottom. When I see the water coming out of the bottom I know that the soil has been completely fed. However, if you do not have a hole in your pot/container, be careful while feeding. Without knowing it, you may be over watering your plant. In this situation your plant can die of root rot.
(if your plant gets too dry he will start to wilt, do not throw him away! Just feed him as I directed and he will probably be okay)

 6 - You should fertilize your plant about once a month (or that's at least what I do).

Good Luck!! 

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