Saturday, March 17, 2012

Don't Get Pinched

I know I'm a little late for this today, but our house has been a zoo! My son caught the virus that is going around in our area and has been out of school for a week. That really throws your life and routine out of whack! Hopefully he is on the mend and should be back to school Monday. Cross your fingers.

Yesterday my daughter and two neighbors wanted to make hair bows for St. Patricks Day. I bought a few things from Joanns on clearance last year so look for stuff now!

I started with a set of shamrock shoe laces, foam glitter shamrock stickers and a hair clip.
The girls painted a thin layer of Mod Podge over the shamrock to keep the glitter in place. It changed the color just a little making them a little more yellow than before.

I cut the shoe lace into five inch pieces to line the hair clip how I like. I burned the edges a little to prevent them from fraying.

I like to leave the back bare so it can grab the hair easier. I use hot glue to glue the lace on.
After the Mod Podge is mostly dry hot glue the shamrock on the clip. Quick and easy!
Foam stickers come in almost every shape for every holiday. If your daughter looses wears hair clips like mine these are an inexpensive way to keep her hair decorated for any event.

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