Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Free Alphabet Book Printable

I made this book for my husband for Valentine's Day and thought I would share the printable with you guys.  I had a blast making this for him.  I have seen a few of these around blogland and thought I could just as easily make my own.

For each letter of the alphabet I came up with an event that has happened since we met.  For example 'M' is for all of the movies we have been to.  I scanned in a bunch of ticket stubs I had kept and printed them on a color printer, this way I didn't have to add any of the actual items.  I love the feel this gave the book.  'N' was for our new home, 'F' is for our first picture together, and so on.

I had the book bound for only $3, they also put a sheet of clear plastic for the front and back of the book.  Overall this was a really cheap project. (Other than my time!)

This book could be used for so many things.  You could print one out for your kids to color in, make one for your spouse or use it to show someone how much you care.

To download the color version CLICK HERE
for the black and white version CLICK HERE



Jennifer said...

This is darling! Thanks for sharing the printable!

Meg said...

LOVE THIS!! Super cute!!