Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just A Simple Detail To Get Hair Clips To Stay In

I love to make my little girls hair bows. That's part of the fun when you find out you are having a girl, right? One thing I have struggled with is finding the perfect clip to put the bows on. My little one has very soft and silky hair, nothing likes to stay in unless there is an elastic ponytail underneath the clip.  Even then the bow might stay for the day but most likely not. 

This also works great for a really little one who is just getting enough hair for a clip to grab onto. 

While making bows not too long ago it hit me, I found the perfect hair clip cure. 

All you do is add hot glue dots inside the clip giving the clip alligator teeth. Alternate the bottom and top so the clip can close. 

This clip hasn't failed me yet. It is my new found secret that I had to share.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this idea! Bows always fall out of my daughter's hair!