Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How I Made My Valentines Wreath

This Valentines wreath was super fun to make and pretty simple if you have everything. 

I started out with making a pattern with butcher paper. 

I traced my pattern to the back of some bead board. The lines on the bead board go diagonal on my finished heart. 

I cut my heart out with a jig saw.

I painted the heart pink first and then red.

I scraped and sanded the heart so that it had the old feel with the pink showing threw.

For my arrow I made a pattern, traced it, cut it, painted it black and sanded it.

I purchased tie wire from home depot. It was only $4 and it came in a big bundle. I am excited to see what other projects I can come up with the left overs. 

I used pliers and wire cutters and twisted the the wire for my handle. Get creative. It was really fun to work with.

I am doing the 14 days of valentines for my family and can't wait to start tomorrow. I will be doing small love notes and gifts. I am excited to start February.


Erica said...

I am the proud recipient of one of these adorable wreaths! Thanks again, I love it!

Shauntel said...

I for sure want to make one of these. I like that you painted the heart pink first. Will you put the approximate dimensions? Like how tall is the heart and how long is the arrow. I know it's easy to make your own, but I have OCD and need some measurement to go by.

Ma Heather and Pa Craig said...

Very cute and clever to use bead board. I don't think I'll have time to make one for Valentine's but I'd love to use this idea for an Easter egg or any holiday for that matter.

Jennifer said...

Shauntel, great question. From the highest point of the heart to the bottom it is 19 inches. From the widest point on the heart it is 13.5. I know with "french hearts" you don't make them se-metrical and they go long in stead of bubbly so that was what I was going for. The arrow is 19 inches as well. The long straight part of the arrow is two inches wide. I hope this helps!