Thursday, January 26, 2012

Owl Cupcakes

I love to make cute desserts many recipes require a long list of ingredients and far more time than I have. These on the other hand were easy, fun, and super cute too!

All you need is:
- A chocolate cake recipe you like. I made a Black Bottom Cupcake, but you could even use a Betty
      Crocker box!
- Chocolate frosting (mine was Betty Crocker!).
- Oreos
- Reeses Pieces

Look how cute! And I promise they are yummy and easy! Idea from: HERE

1 comment:

Shauntel said...

I have seen these a few differnt times. I think they are really cute. There are snow owls right? My boy won't eat chocolate. Communist right? Shyann will though. I'll make them for her.