Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don't Be Afraid Of/To Color

I grew up knowing that I was going to be married early June. I knew that the weather would be warm then and the world would be full of beautiful bright colors... Well, when it came down to it, I didn't care what the weather is like because I was marrying my best friend and I couldn't wait any longer! We set the day for June tenth and then pulled it up to February fourth, my poor mother. 
Well now I was getting married in February and a month prior (January) I was taking my bridals and had to stop because I nearly froze to death in my little dress and pair of stockings. My husband, after hearing about my very cold day went out and bought me a white coat, man of my dreams! I also bought some white mittens, and I felt that I looked just as good with my coat on and was very warm! However, what to do with a white coat after a wedding?? I am the kind of person who doesn't even buy anything white because within minutes it isn't white anymore. 

I am a person who loves to paint, color, or dye anything a new color! My favorite color is green, so I bought 'Dark Green' RIT dye (which I could only find at Michaels (about $2.50 a package, I used three). And looked on Rit Dye's website and followed their directions (I put in tuberware with hot water and stirred for half an hour while I watched a movie on my computer). This website is awesome! They tell you how to dye certain styles, different materials, and also tells you how to mix colors to make a beautiful shade of your choice. 

One caution that I do have: I have never dyed a material and had it turn out the way or color I expect. This coat I was thinking would come out a solid dark green, as well as the mittens. However, the coat came out green and creme, and my gloves barely faded green, but I like it! I think that it looks great! Plus, now I can put my warm coat to use rather than having it sit in my closet all white and clean. You should try this! It is a lot of fun! If you're nervous, just buy a cheap white shirt and one packet of dye and give it a try! If you like it, your closet can be full of all kinds of colors that you picked out rather than searching in a bunch of stores to find the right color. 

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Shauntel said...

Grocery stores have dye in the laundry section. Don't follow the directions too close. The less liquid you use the more vibrant the colors.bi