Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Organizing (Part 1) Building Garage Shelves

I decided, like many of you, to do some major organizing this month. It was time to dig out, throw away, and go through all those little junk piles and unorganized drawers. I knew it was time when too many times I thought, "I know I have that but I will have to buy another because I have no idea were to find it." So, I thought every Tuesday of this month I will show you some of my organizing projects. If you are on the same journey this month we would love to see what you have been working on.

The best place for me to start was the garage. I was feeling the excitement of my new goal and it helped that my husband hadn't gone back to school.

I am not proud of it, but here is a corner of the garage that so desperately needed help!

You can see that something had to change. I thought, "No one sees how the garage looks so it doesn't really matter." This theory proved to be wrong on multiple accounts. Who was I kidding, I love to feel organized.

We built shelves; now when I say we, I mean my husband built them and I cleaned the garage.

Here is the plan my husband made. They are super easy and we made them for just under 50 dollars. As you can see we didn't need any fancy tools.

I would be happy to email you these shelf plans if you are interested. Leave your email address below or email me at thepolkadotumbrella at gmx dot com.

I still need two more sets of shelves this size to give everything in the garage a nice little home but it is a great start.

Next week I will be showing how I organized all my fabric.


Shauntel said...

Your shelves look really great. I didn't look very close at the plans how are they anchored? Are they attached to the wall or floor or not at all? Maybe they don't even need it? Ryan and I bought some metal framed shelves for our garage last Spring. They cost around $200. Sometimes it is worth the money for our marriage.

Jennifer said...

Great question. They are anchored to the wall and floor. They have concrete nails that we used. It has back beam support and side beam support. My husband is quite the perfectionist. I agree, some things you just pay for. One of our favorite things is to do projects like these together. I know you could build these by yourself handy gal. I know I could and I wouldn't consider myself to be quite as handy as you.

monet said...

i am able to view the diagrams but would GREATLY appreciate the shelf plans! btw they look really nice! :o) thanks!
smsd411 at

Anonymous said...

This is just what I was looking for ! Thank you! can you send me the plans to ...much appreciated!

Dorrie Buccafusca said...

I'd love these plans please. thanks

Anonymous said...

I'd love these plans,

Anonymous said...

I would also love to have a copy of these plans. If I don't do something soon, my husband is going to start hauling stuff to the dump. I have a lot of stuff, and MAN! it's good stuff! Gotta do something to keep the peace. Please send to Thanks a ton!

Dudefromtampa said...

Was hoping you were still emailing those plans out. Hope I'm not too late. And btw - thanks much.