Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Minute Gift Idea for Dads

If you know my husband it may surprise you to know that he is sentimental and has a very soft side. He may not want word to get out about that. Our kids have been in the giving spirit more this year than past years; it comes with age I guess. They wanted to give something to their daddy that came from them. I saw a blog post somewhere, sorry I can't give credit to the original source, but she just asked her kids random questions about their dad and wrote down their answers. She typed the questions and answers as a list on a single piece of paper. This would be so easy and quick if you want something special for the last minute. You could even add a picture of your child with their dad to personalize it just a bit.

However, if you feel like you have the time we took it a step or two further. I asked each of my two children the same list of about twenty questions. Some answers they got right, others not so much! I typed each Q & A on its own piece of paper and printed them all out on cardstock. I had a bunch of pictures of the kids with their dad enlarged to 5x7's at Costco. I like the black border you can add for free. I had them the same day I ordered online. Each page has a different picture. At the back there are blank pages. The kids can write a letter to their dad and draw pictures for him. I also made cover sheets and put the kids school picture from this year on it. I took it to my husbands office while he was out of town and used their binding machine to add a clear cover and plastic back with a plastic spiral binder. I think you could do this at a copy center.

Keep in mind these books are coming from a six and four year old. I wanted to it look like they had very little help. I could have gone all out and embellished every page or done something at Snapfish or Shutterfly, but it wouldn't have been from them. It would also have been a lot of work for me! At this time of year I didn't need any extra projects! They are both so proud of the end product. It feels like this gift is as much for their dad as it is for them. It will be something they can look at and read together.

Here is the list of questions we used:
  1. What is something Dad always says to you?
  2. What makes Dad happy?
  3. What makes Dad sad?
  4. How does Dad make you laugh?
  5. What was Dad like as a child?
  6. How old is Dad?
  7. How tall is Dad?
  8. What is Dad's favorite thing to do?
  9. What does Dad do when you're not around?
  10. If Dad becomes famous, what will it be for?
  11. What is Dad really good at?
  12. What is Dad not very good at?
  13. What does Dad do for his job?
  14. What is Dad's favorite food?
  15. What makes you proud of Dad?
  16. If Dad were a cartoon character, who would he be?
  17. What do you and Dad do together?
  18. What is Dad's favorite cereal?
  19. How are you and Dad the same?
  20. How are you and Dad different?
  21. Where is Dad's favorite place to go?
  22. How do you know Dad loves you?

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Nancy said...

cute idea for father's day too....