Monday, November 21, 2011

A Thankful Mr. Gobbles


My husband and I are always trying to find new ways to let the other know how much we love each other. Sometimes when you are married you need a reminder that you are not just in it because you are stuck but because you want to be together!! Sometimes we do corny things, but no matter how dumb it is the person receiving it feels important. You can say "I love you!" but my husband and I like to know WHY??!! Thats why I have made Mr. Gobbles.


All you need is a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun, magnets, paper, and a handful of feathers.

With my paper, I cut out a Mr. Gobbles. I just glued him all together and stuck a lot of magnets behind him. 

I cut some more paper and wrote the qualities, talents, and characteristics I love the most about him. On some of the squares I wrote examples of things he had done for me that made me feel special. 

I stuck the magnets on the back of the feathers.

I used the hot glue gun to put my reasons on the front of the feather. 

For the whole week I will be leaving feathers in my husband's truck, lunch, school books, and through out the house. By Thanksgiving he will have a turkey on the fridge showing some of the many things about him that I am thankful for!! (I am sure if you had kids they would love this too! Really, probably more!! But this is a simple way of showing someone that you are thankful for them!)


polkadotumbrella said...

Super cute idea! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Erica said...

You are so adorable! Jason is so lucky to have you! seriously.