Monday, October 24, 2011

Photography Links

For the past six weeks I have had the chance to take a photography class that I have absolutely loved! I have owned an SLR and have learned here and there but have never "studied" it. It's something that I have really wanted to learn more about for a really long time. I have found myself the last few weeks thinking about it, a lot; rule of thirds, still life, candid vs. portrait, white balance, poses, ways to get natural light in the house, food pictures, the list goes on and on.

I was pretty excited about last weeks assignment, portraits. I thought I would share.
(Remember, I'm just learning and I don't have a very fancy camera.)

I have found myself reading online and in books in most of my spare time. There are such great articles and posts out there that are available to anyone that wants to learn! Everyone could use a few tips on how to get better pictures because we are all taking them, right? With Halloween parties, darling kids in costumes, and beautiful fall leaves and sweaters we all could be taking some precious and priceless pictures and maybe even do a little better with some tips.

Here a few of my favorite photography sites that have some great tips and tricks about taking pictures.

Click It Up A Notch

Digital Photography School

Picture Correct

Kodak. com

Better Photo .com

Lacy Davis Photography- Great article on what to wear for pictures.

A really good tip with taking pictures is to do a search on poses before you take pictures and find a few you want to use before you go out to take some pictures. For instance if you want to take some pictures of your kids in their costume type 'kids in costumes' in a search engine and see what you like and don't like. After finding what I like I even put them in a word file and print them out so I have them on hand when I am taking pictures.

Do you have a site you like and have found helpful? Please share!

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