Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Beaded Necklace

I am finding my summers are a bit different than they have been in the past, now having 2 little busy bodies. With planning, and a little more organization, we have had a blast. We have had get-a-ways, family parties, vacations planned, lots of fun play dates, and water park adventures as I am sure you all have as well.

Here is an idea for your cute little girls to do for a play date. I also think this is the perfect activity to do on a family vacation or family reunion when there is down time and the adults are chatting.

Super simple and darling.

I'm sure at some point we have all made these great beaded necklaces.  To make them, I found everything that I needed at Walmart; some type of durable string (mine is 1.8mm stretchy elastic), plastic beads, flowers, buttons, and hot glue.

There are so many fun summer activities to do with kids. Emily did a fabulous post here with some great sites to go look at. Also, don't forget to check out One Pretty Thing for all the great kid craft roundups. 

I hope everyone is enjoying there great summer plans!

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Shauntel said...

This is so good for fine motor skill development. Also, if you help teach a pattern, it is an early math skill.

Walmart has a great bucket full of hundreds of assorted beads we use with the pony beads. There are great beads for boys in it and there is a camo pony bead pack.

Both my kids love making jewelry. Sometimes they will sit and string beads for an hour! They make it for themselves, family and friends.