Friday, July 15, 2011

Household Hint

I have to preface this post: 

Erica and her husband invited my little family over to dinner at their house a few months ago. They talked about a project they are working on in their bedroom and took us to see it. Mike is an amazing artist and was in the process of painting a beautiful tree on their wall. I have seen many trees on different blogs but that have been done in vinyl. I love the custom hand painted job he was doing. It is truly amazing and I can’t wait until their whole room is done and ready for her reveal.

After seeing her tree I was green with envy. It is Uh May Zing! Both my husband and I lack the artistic abilities to create one of our own and for the size of a vinyl tree that I wanted would have been over $100! I was almost willing to pay. Luckily my next door neighbor just purchased a graphic for her vinyl cutter that was all about trees! We were both so excited to try it out. I quickly drove to our vinyl supplier, purchased the vinyl and well, you’ll see the end result!
Isn't this so true? It makes me smile when I read it. I cut this saying out using my Cricut.

I love my laundry room! Seriously. It is one of my favorite rooms in our home right now. Not so much that I invite guests to sit and visit in there, but just enough that when I need to do laundry I don’t dread going in. I think that it is important to have something fun and upbeat for each of our household chores. Having a clean, well organized and aesthetically pleasing area is the positive I need to get laundry done. Now if I can just figure out how to turn doing dishes into something fun!
I love this tree! It makes the laundry room feel "fun". It is a little over seven feet tall.
Although there are only four in our family I can do two loads of laundry just about every day. In each bedroom we have dirty clothes baskets, but in the laundry room there are five: whites, colors, jeans, towels and cleaners. When the baskets in the bedrooms start to get full or the kids are out of clean underwear, we sort into the baskets in the laundry room. I like doing this because I can see when I need to do a load and it keeps the clothes off the floor. If you are short on space there are great divided baskets like these that fit easily in a closet.
I used my Cricut again to cut labels for the laundry baskets. This way the whole family knows where to put their clothes.

Another thing is that I like to have the laundry soap out and easily accessible. My friend keeps hers in a pretty open bowl with “Soap” written in vinyl across the front. I found my glass cookie jar at Wal-Mart for thirteen dollars. I like that it has a lid. It rattled a lot when the dryer was on so I used a Silly Putty type product on the lid to cushion it. Now it doesn’t make a sound. There is also a cute metal decorative box I found at Hobby Lobby that sits next to the soap. I use it for spare change and the occasional dollar that comes through the wash. This is our go to box when we hear the ice cream man. I make sure and put any spare change I have in it all year just so I know there will always be a couple dollars when we hear the music! It has made for a couple happy kids plenty of times this summer.
The kids haven't quite caught on to where the money comes for ice cream, so the box hasn't been emptied yet. Maybe one day!
The rest of the laundry room is just that. It’s nothing fancy, but I love it! It doesn’t always look this clean. Stuff gets dumped in there to be dealt with later on a regular basis. Sometimes said stuff sits for weeks before anyone deals with it. You know what? I don’t care. I have two amazing kids who want to play and the other stuff will be there when we’re done!
I don't like a lot of clutter on countertops, but this bucket was perfect for cat food.


Emily said...

I love the tree too! Especially with the birds. I have a cricut too (and maybe this is a stupid question)... how do you get the tree so big? Is the tree in several pieces? I'd like to make one just like it, but I don't want to waste vinyl trying things out. Could you possibly explain how you did it? Thanks :)

Shauntel said...

Sorry I was unclear. The tree is was not cut with the Cricut. Just the sayings. Even though the tree "professionally" cut by my neighbor it was still done in pieces to get the size that big.

Erica said...

Love, Love, Love the tree. It turned out adorable! I want to see it in person.