Friday, May 27, 2011

Outdoor Week: Household Hint

This isn't my Flower Bed, but it makes me smile. I found the picture here.
If you haven't started getting flower beds and gardens ready for planting, now is the time. I was in a gardening class/lecture several years ago that gave these suggestions for soil preparation and fertilization:

  • Peat Moss-Helps retain moisture and adds organic matter.
  • Vermiculite-Lightens soil for better root growth.
  • Compost-Adds small amounts of fertilizer and organic matter.
  • Sand-Roots like it because it's coarse. Sand is great for carrots.
  • Gypsum-Good for clay soils.
  • Manure-Usually contains weed seeds, but adds a little fertilizer.
  • Manure has little nutrient value.
  • Lawns need a fertilizer high in Nitrogen like 20-5-5.
  • Gardens need Phosphorus ltry a  16-16-8 mix.
  • Phosphorus helps with flower development
  • Nitrogen helps with vegetative growth
  • Potassium is used for good root development.

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