Thursday, February 24, 2011

Greek Style Baked Chicken

What is your favorite type of food? I love Greek! It is so flavorful and delicious. Greek desserts are even amazing! This week, I'm going to show you how to make a whole chicken with a Greek twist.

Start with adding chicken broth to the bottom of your pan. We'll be adding potatoes also, so add enough so that the spuds will sit in the water. For my broth I used chicken bullion cubes.

First rinse your chicken and pat dry. Then brush it with olive oil.
I juiced 3 lemons all over the chicken...
...and then shoved the rinds inside the chicken.
This is what I used to season the chicken. Have you ever used Cavender's? This should be in every kitchen. It is a blend of spices they call All Purpose Greek Seasoning. Oh my, it's my favorite seasoning-this week. FYI, It goes great on chicken and pork cooked any style including BBQ.
I sprinkled the Cavender's all over, then the Lemon Pepper and finally threw a little garlic on for good measure. Then secretly I added more Cavender's because I love it. (Don't you think they should pay me just a little?)
I peeled and quartered enough potatoes to feed us and our guests. Do you see how they are more like slices rather than the traditional potato quarter? That was my husbands idea. Around here he is the chef, and I'm more of the sous chef.
Just throw them into the pan. I juiced one more lemon on top of the potatoes and threw them in the broth as well. I thought we were going to have a last minute guest so I also added carrots later. (I got one that had baked under a lemon-wow a little sour)

I had this meal planned a few days in advance and knew I wanted it to bake low and slow. The lid was on while it baked, so it never got really golden. I did 225 degrees for two hours turned the heat up to 250 degrees for an hour and then about a half hour before meal time turned it up to 300 degrees so the chickens internal temperature would reach 180 degrees. Now would you believe after all that effort I forgot to take a final picture? Call me an amateur. I guess I was too excited to eat it. And let me tell you-Yum!


wdimick said...

Oh man that does look good! Do you find the greek seasoning at a normal grocery store or do you have to go to a specialty shop?

Kamie said...

They have the seasoning at Walmart. I'm going to try this next week Shauntel!

Christy said...

i don't think i have ever seen cavenders in my store..i will have to look for it. your dinner looks amazing and favorite combination! thank you for sharing with tuesday night supper club.

Fine Diner said...

Always looking for new ways to prepare chicken. I'm gonna try it with chicken cutlets. Sounds yummy.
Thanks for sharing!

Anna Marie