Monday, February 14, 2011

Cookie Bar Refreshments - Readers Show Off!

Becky Harwood submitted a darling wedding reception refreshment idea!! Thank you so much for sharing!! (Becky is my Mom and I told her she had to submit the idea.) I thought it turned out DARLING, simple and very fun! You can use this for anything, baby shower, wedding shower, family get togethers, the list is endless.

When my daughter Meg said she wanted cookies for her wedding reception I said ok. I envisioned we would have cookies with some brownies, bars and eclairs. But, she corrected me quickly and said, “no, just cookies!” So, cookies it is was!
Jen helped me go online and look around at some ideas so that we could come up with a plan. We had a great cookie bar with 14 different cookies all decked out in cookie jars with labels. We had a great variety of wonderful yummy homemade cookies served with milk! That was totally Meg. I made a recipe book with 5 different cookie recipes for the guests to take home with them. The cover was a picture of meg and Jason. Everyone seemed to really like that. Who doesn’t want a new recipe? I know I do!

Thanks again! If anyone is interested in the cookie label for the jars make a comment with your email address and I will get it for you.

There is n
othing like finishing a project and being completely happy and exited about what you have done! Share those projects with us,!!


Katie @ Hippos and Dinosaurs said...

What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This ROCKS!!! I really love this idea.

Diane Conn said...

That looks very beautiful and elegant. My mom and I did the same thing for my little brother's wedding open house a few years ago. We used bright greens and blues to go with their wedding colors.