Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Girl Dress Patterns

One of my absolute favorite things to sew is dresses. I love seeing a piece of fabric and a pattern and envisioning of what it can become. I love the wide range of individualization that goes into each dress. There are so many options that change the style of the dress, even just by adding the smallest detail.

Meet Rosalie, my daughter's dress. After a few nights of sewing and designing, I have become very attached.
This is all where Rosalie began. I purchased this pattern at a 99 cent pattern sale knowing that it could become something great. Then saw this darling Down East dress that I fell in love with. When I saw the fabric on the shelf at the local fabric store, I couldn't wait to get started!

There are so many darling dress patterns out there that wonderful bloggers have put together. I stock pile them in a Word file. Some I have tried, and others I am waiting until I find just the right material. Here are a handful of my favorites.

I do need to note that dresses are a wonderful gift for a baby shower or Birthday. If you don't have a girl to sew for, keep this in mind. Every Mom I have talked to say they purchase all their girl's dresses. Not many new Moms get them for baby showers, and down the road they may see just a few from Grandma for Easter. A dress makes a wonderful gift, and every mother with a girl would thank you.


A.Vang said...

I just finished the Go To Dress from The Train to Crazy and just adore it! I think the dress you made is one of the cutest I've seen in a while! Any chance you'll be doing a tute? Thanks for the great post.

Melinda said...

Very cute dress. I'd love to know how you gathered the bottom. Elastic? I only have sons BUT I have a darling niece who LOVES dresses and I could see her loving it, too! Thank you for sharing your ideas, always inspirational!

Carlee Dynes said...

I love how your dress turned out. It's is really adorable. And I'm impressed with your skills! Great job.

polkadotumbrella said...

I did take pictures along the way so be watching for a tutorial. Thanks for your comments!

Seamingly Smitten said...

That was worth waiting for! Great fabric choice! Please link this up to my weekly linky party every Wednesday! (it's still up!)

Thendral said...

Its very cute and lovely. I like the waist band.