Friday, June 8, 2012

YW Patience and Love Handout

I am the laurel advisor in our ward. It is a really hard yet rewarding calling. When I teach I try to always have some sort of treat. I swear it helps even with the 16-18 year old girls. Sometimes the treat is relevant to the lesson sometimes it is just candy!

I was teaching a lesson a couple weeks ago about reaching out to others (Young Womens Manual 1 Lesson 20). I have noticed that the girls in our ward sometimes have a hard time reaching out to each other. So, I focused our lesson on ways that we can support and lift each other up.

My handout was simple. I melted milk chocolate chips and dipped a plastic spoon in. I made sure the spoon was full of chocolate and then added heart and pink crystal sprinkles. I placed them on parchment paper to dry. I had plastic bags that I put them in and tied a tag on with twine. The tag said:
 A Spoonful of Patience and Love Helps any Friendship Grow

Being the oldest girls it can be hard to want to hang out with the younger girls. I know that there are some young women struggling to find their place in the world. You know those awkward teen years. I hope that the laurels will remember this lesson and try to reach out to other members of our group as well as other people outside of our church.


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