Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Fun - Tie Dye

The boys on the ends thought it was funny to not open their eyes for a single picture! OK it is kind of funny.
I am so ready for Summer vacation! I. Can. Not. Wait. My daughter turned five last month and we had a very fun, very crazy Justin Bieber Spa Birthday party for her (Her choice, not mine). I knew I would need some help so I asked a few teenage girls to help assist during the festivities. In exchange I would give them tie dye lessons; I'd buy the dye and bottles, they'd bring their own shirts.

Tie Dye is one of my favorite things to do. I'm not a huge fan of wearing my creations anymore. It draws a little more attention to myself than I would prefer, but my kids love to wear what they make. I love that it is so easy, you can't mess it up, kids can do it and no two shirts will ever be the same. Let me restate, YOU CAN'T MESS THIS UP! There is no one right way to tie dye.

Last year we bought white shirts and used red and blue dye for our Fourth of July celebrations. After a few washes the shirts looked more purple than white, but it was still fun and festive for the day. This go around we used yellow, pink, purple and blue dye. The kids used the yellow and pink to make orange and the blue and yellow for green.

You need some basic supplies:
Rit fabric dye I purchased liquid dye at Walmart for $2.68 a bottle
Squeeze bottles, one for each color About $1.00 each
Rubber bands We have a rubber band ball at home for rubber band guns
Shirts The easiest way is to purchase a pack of undershirts

There are so many great videos on YouTube that show you exactly how to tie dye that I won't do a step by step with pictures. This was one of my favorites videos I watched. Also, this one; I really just enjoyed the mans voice. I've never tried soda ash or organic nitrogen, but I'd like to!

If you do this we'd love to see your creations! Have fun!

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Aimee @ Chickenville said...

I bought a tie dye after Halloween last year and was saving it for summer fun. I guess it's time to break it out. I love the pink and yellow one your daughter did. Thanks for the video referrals. I'm gonna go check them out right now.