Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Decorating With Pinecones

I love the earthy look, plus it is super cheap! This Christmas I used a lot of pinecones to decorate. I laugh at all the stores that are selling a small bag of pinecones for $5 when you can just walk down the street and gather grocery bags full for free. Search for your own at parks or in the mountains.

In the tree as an ornament. I was going to hang the pinecones with cute ribbon, but it actually worked out really well just setting them on the branches.

Stacking them on a plate.

In a lantern.


In a jar. 

Super gluing them onto a Styrofoam ball. 

Making a wreath.


Jennifer said...

I love the pinecone wreath and also I love them on the tree. Thanks for sharing.

monicutte said...

I love pinecones! (:
Sadly the ones that I find where I live are the size of a penny... ):

Lovely blog! :D