Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Simple Changes To A Bathroom-Framing in a Mirror

It all started when I was doing a little shopping and came across this bathroom rug at Ross.  I have known I wanted to refinish the main bathroom for quite some time but it was a very overwhelming project since everything needed a makeover!  We had planned on doing a complete overhaul after the holidays.  But.... like I said, I found this rug, it was perfect, what is a lady suppose to do, right?

I decided to start on the small simple things until we can get around to re-finishing the floor and counter tops. 

First the cupboards of course. A very very simple project that only took a few hours.

I decided to frame my mirror,  best decision I made. This is such an easy project and it was super cheap.

Framing in a mirror:

I got two 2x4's and cut them with my miter box to size.  If you don't have a miter box go to your home improvement store and have your measurements with you and ask them to cut it.  Most of the time they don't charge you at all but if they do it's only a dollar a cut after two cuts.

I came home and sanded all the boards down and then stained them.  *You want to make sure you stain the back of each board at least one inch past the corner because it reflects in the mirror.

I glued my frame to my mirror using liquid nails.  Everything I had read was slap some of this on and push it right onto the glass and you are good. Well, for me, that wasn't the case.  The board wanted to slip right down.  So... I put red (stucco) tape around the edges holding the boards on.  I first put the bottom board on, taped it and came back a few hours later and added the side boards. A few hours after that I added my top board.

After I was finished with the frame with the 2x4's I decided to add a top 1x2 to give it a finished look which I really thought it did.

Super easy project and it completely changes the bathroom!

I added a few decorative items I didn't have before.  An old window with cans of potpourri hanging down, two painted candle sticks, glass candle holders for Q-tips and cotton balls and a new brown shower curtain that I also found at Ross.

I still need to do the floor and counter tops like I had mentioned but it looks great in the meantime!  It's amazing how those small and simple things can make such a different.

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Angela said...

Framing the mirror does seem simple and doable. Thanks for the encouragment! Youer bathroom looks great!