Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Throw

I came across this gorgeous thick woven fabric at Joann's.  I loved how the fabric looked great on both sides.  I knew I wanted to add a little something to the edges and keep the fabric as is without adding a backing. 

I bought some black polka-dot material to use for the edges.  I wanted this to be a fast and simple project so I took the laziest approach that I could.  I cut out the spiderweb material to be 45" by 55".  Then for the side binding I cut 1.5" strips of the polka-dot material.  I wanted to add a wider strip to the short ends of the throw so I cut out 3.5" strips of the polka-dot material.

Here is where my lazy approach comes in.  I didn't want to make my own bias tape so I just ironed the 1.5" strip in half then cut the edge like shown above.  Since they were only going up the sides this is how the end will look.  I decided I wanted to keep the edges raw, it would add to the look of frayed spider webs.

I sewed the 3.5" strips right sides together then ironed them wrong sides together to make a sort of sleeve.  I sewed this to the top inch of the spiderweb material, yet again leaving the edges raw.  This took a little finagling but I like the length that it added.  Finally I sewed the binding up the sides.  I love the look of the raw edge, it will look awesome once I wash it.

This was so simple and I love how it turned out.  It will look so cute by my table runner.  Don't you love my cute little puppy peeking her head out wondering what I am doing?


Jennifer said...

Super cute! I bet this adds a lot of color and a halloween theme to the room. Thanks for sharing!

Ma Heather and Pa Craig said...

I love how it turned out! Good Job!