Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to Layer a Quilt

Over a year ago I made a quilt top for my husband for our anniversary.  I am just barely getting around to quilting it!  I know pathetic right?  I love the top and how it turned out.  Both of us attended the University of Utah so I decided to make up my own pattern with a version of the logo.  I also found some adorable fabric with the logo all over it.  I do have to say that making the top of this quilt was extremely boring!  I used over 650, 3" squares.  Crazy!  Anyway, I thought I would share how I layer my quilts in preparation for quilting.

First I layed out my backing on the floor, this quilt was huge so I had to clear out some furniture in order to lay it out flat.

Using straight pins I pulled the backing tight, without stretching the material.  If you stretch the material it will cause wrinkles when you unpin it.  I always do this on the carpet so the pins will hold the fabric in place.  I also angle the pins away from the fabric so it doesn't move or shift.

Once you have the backing secured you can lay out the batting.  Pin the batting into place the same way you did the backing.  Then you can lay out the top of the quilt and pin it into place.  I always make sure that there are no wrinkles or bumps.

After I have everything straight and even it is time to pin it all together.  I love using quilting pins, shown above.  They are bent a little to keep the quilt straight.

I am planning on quilting on every other square so I pinned accordingly.

Now you are ready to start quilting.  This really is super easy.  I have never had a problem with the backing bunching up.  I am excited to get this done so we can cuddle under it and watch the Utah game!  Go Utes!


Ma Heather and Pa Craig said...

That is very impresive! I love the pattern you made up. I'm to this same point with my flag quilt so this post came at the perfect time.

Aubrey@My Forever House said...

That quilt is amazing! Great job!

The Thomases said...

Your quilt is amazing! If I ever get brave enough to quilt something myself I'll definitely check back to this tutorial!

C.B.M said...

On Thursday I went to the Habitat Re-Store to find a book shelf and came home with a hand-built pine dresser. It was clearly made for someone's child (as noted by the child type hyroglyphic's drawn on the side!)and it needs a bit of TLC, but i'm excited to have it....especially because it was 50% off week so I got it for $25!
Any ideas on how to get sharpie off pine?

The Belka's said...

Oh my goodness this quilt is beautiful! I wish I want one! We would love this at our house.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt!! I wish I had fabric like this from my Alma Maters. All those "small" squared can be tricky to cut and keep straight. Kudos to you!

Question: When I lay my quilt out on the carpet I ALWAYS have issues with pinning the carpet as well. I have even attempted to lift up the fabric a bit and it feels like I've avoided the carpet/padding yet when I go to unpin the straight pins I'll inevitably have 50% of the quilting pins pinned to the carpet. Lol.... any suggestions/recos on ways to avoid this? Thanks so much in advance!!