Monday, July 4, 2011

Household Hint

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My kids are so excited for fireworks. In Utah it is finally legal to light fireworks that go 150 feet in the air. My husband is excited for this! No more fountain works for us! Our son is most excited for smoke bombs and sparklers, and he can't wait to write his name in the air with the sparkler. Our daughter just wants it all! Typical girl!

Here are two tips to make sparklers a little easier:

First, use a jar candle like this. It's best if the candle is about half used. You can also put a votive type candle in a mason jar. The jar will help protect the flame from small gusts of wind. The kids can come stick the sparkler in the flame and light their own sparklers. This way mom and dad aren't trying to keep a pilot sparkler lit and you don't have to wait forever for a match or lighter to light the sparkler.

The next idea is to have a bucket of water handy. If your kids are like mine they just drop the hot sparkler where ever they are and come get a new one. When we have a designated spot for the hot sticks to go, I don't worry as much about burns. Put water in the bucket so the plastic doesn't melt. I like to cut the top off a milk jug, put water in the bottom, throw the used sticks in and then throw the whole thing away at the end of the night.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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