Friday, May 20, 2011

Household Hint

This time of year I like to feel the need to wash windows. It's not too hot so the glass doesn't streak as easily. Clean windows make the house feel brighter at least for a day. Now if the rain would stop, I might be able to get outside and get some work done!
A few years ago I invested in a great window squeegee/washer combination and some tablets you add to water for an awesome cleaning solution. I don't have the packaging to tell you what the tablets are to look for them now, sorry.

This is the tool I have: Unger Vice Versa Window Squeegee with Washer (14"). The cost is around $25.
There are a few windows that are either too small or too odd shape to be cleaned with this tool. When I use Windex and paper towels I like to use this trick: Use vertical strokes on the inside and horizontal strokes on the outside. This way if there is a streak, you'll be able to see what side of the glass it is on. I've washed windows before and have seen a big streak, so I washed one side to get it off only to find the streak was on the other side. So frustrating!

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Erica said...

Great idea!! I am one of those that goes all the way outside to wash off the streak, just to find out it is inside!!