Sunday, May 1, 2011

About You Week

Since next Sunday is Mother's Day, we thought it would be a nice idea to spend the week focusing on projects for YOU!  I know many of you are Mothers and most of our crafty energy is spent working on things for our kids.

We have some amazing women on this blog, women that I look up to and have learned so many things from. As you have followed our journey and stories you too have seen what wonderful women each one is.

I asked each gal to tell me something about her and a picture to go along. I hope you have as much fun as I did learning more about them.

About The Polka-dot Umbrella Gals

I am a project runway junkie!  And my husband loves to watch it with me too (awesome right?).  We live in New England and are close enough take day trips to NYC, and the last time we went we did a little Project Runway pilgrimage.  We visited the Lincoln Center where Fashion Week is (and I've been to Bryant park its old home), Parsons, and Mood.  As you all know, I really love to sew, and sometimes I dream about going to fashion school.  Until then, I've been reading books about pattern making, working on learning new garment construction techniques, and of course watching lots of Project Runway.  

You may have already figured some things out about me from our meet the team page and my posts.  I have a bad sweet tooth, I am a (temporarily retired) teacher and love doing art projects with my 3.5 year old daughter (and the 9 month old too, but she still doesn't do much), and I'm in the beginner sewing stages, but I still love making things.  I'm always so inspired by what the other ladies here at the polka-dot-umbrella are coming up with.  Here's something you may not know about me: In a few weeks, my husband will be finally, finally graduating from school after 6 years of marriage and 9 years of post-secondary education.  We are getting pretty excited to start having an income (again) and about putting a dent in the student loans.  Yay, yay!  If we never had to worry about money ever again, I would TRAVEL.  Before I was married, I got to go to some pretty cool places, and I sure would love to go back, and to add to my list of countries visited.  (The picture is of me in Fiji, where I went to do my student teaching for University.  Soooo, beautiful!)


I like to be busy. I feel like I need to be doing something constantly. I love to read, bake, play, craft, take pictures, paint etc. I also love surfing the web, I'm a total Facebook stalker and I love Bakerella! I just started building furniture with my next door neighbor and I LOVE it! I like being with my family and having girl time with my mom, sisters and friends. My favorite holiday is Halloween. Lately, I spend a lot of time at the gym with my husband. I hope one day my muscles will forgive me. I enjoy snowboarding and was so excited to take my kids this year. I like to take my kids swimming at least once a week and finding new places to visit. I love my husband. I can not wait for the summer!

Hey everybody Erica here, I have to confess that my all time favorite thing to do in my me time is watch girly movies.  By girly I mean anything Jane Austen or similar.  I love to curl up and watch any movie where they wear petticoats, awesome dresses and sit around all day and do nothing.  I am one of those people that loves the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice, and yes I do mean the five hour long version.  I am a hopeless romantic.  I just saw the new Jane Eyre movie and loved it.  I highly recommend it!  If you have any movies you think I should check out let me know!!!


These past few years, since I have become a Mom, I have developed interests and goals and hobbies that I have never done before. These include my love for sewing, running in the mornings, being with other Mommies and like most of you I have become a, “house manager” and these duties take up most of my time. There is one thing that has been the same for several years and that is my LOVE and fascination for whales. Yep, whales. What do I mean by love and fascination? I have 5 documentaries on whales and each one has been viewed more than once. My favorite is blue whales, they are amazing.!! Did you know that they are the size of an 8-story building, their tongue is bigger than an elephant and their heart is the size of a car? 
(The picture is when I was on a whale watching tour. I can’t even begin to tell you the smile that was on my face the whole trip.)


Emily@the-polka-dot-umbrella said...

Erica - I'm with you on the Pride and Prejudice! Colin Firth.... I just watched a new BBC miniseries of Emma, and it was a good one. I haven't seen the new Jane Eyre, I'll have to check it out.

Carlee said...

I've been really excited to watch the new Jane Eyre. I actually recently reread the book in preparation. And if I wasn't married to Adam, I'd definitely want to be married to Mr. Darcy (played by Colin Firth of course). That's totally possible right?