Monday, May 2, 2011

About You Week: Documenting YOU

I am going to step out of our "regular" feel here at The Polka-dot Umbrella for this post.

Documenting YOU

I started my family blog when I wanted a place to document us: my family. I love the concept of not doing a scrapbook but still connecting stories to pictures. My goal was to keep it updated and at each year mark get it printed. It is my family's story. I am not sure if any of you are like me, but my family blog has become somewhat of a travel and event log. Do you want to join me in making a my family story a deeper meaning that digs into who we really are? How about catching those memories and documenting who you are right now, and the things that you don't ever want to forget? Let's document the things that make you, you.

A big thanks to Paper Coterie who has sparked this new avenue and direction. Here are some fun new ideas to help your family blog dig a little deeper and catch who you are right now.

(I added pictures of how I would answer and document my entry. I was hoping to inspire you. When I was doing this I found myself having such a good time and loving the opportunity to reflect and think about these fabulous things in my life. Each picture is full of stories.)

1. Where have these shoes taken me today?
You can do this for you or anyone in your family. What does a average Tuesday look like for you?

My siblings and 2 spouses. Can you guess who's shoes are Erica's or mine?

2. What is your living space like?
Write down where you hang out as a family and what you like to do in the evenings.
When I was a kid we had a large family room in the basement with a nice sized t.v., but we were never around it. Most nights, when homework was finished, you would find all 4 kids and my Dad gathered around the bar watching t.v. on a small 7" screen in the kitchen . I have the perfect picture in my head of this but I wish I had something more tangible than that. I want something I can share with my kids. If my parents still lived in the home I grew up in, the kitchen bar would be something I would definitely take a picture of.

Every morning I do my little girls hair while she sits in the sink.

3. What is something that means a lot but won't always be around?
Take a picture of this, and write down your thoughts about it. Do you have a place or a chair that your little one loves to be rocked in? How about a high chair or car seat, do they provide any memories. Is there somewhere that your spunky 3 year old hides every time you play hide-and-go-seek?

My little girl HATED her rear facing car seat. When we put her forward facing, she was just fine.

4. Tell about a place that brings back memories.
Do you ever pass a location that every time you see it you think of a story or memory? You might even say something to another person in the car, like, "have I told you about.." when your passing by. Take a picture, tell the story.

This is Dinosaur park. We went to this park almost every day last summer and some times twice. 

5. Write down your thoughts about starting your own family.
Have you written down the feelings you had when you knew you wanted to start having kids? How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant? We all have so many precious memories that are hard to put in words, but what we can put down will mean a great deal to our kids or can make you and husband look back and laugh.

Before I announced our second son I made this shirt and took pictures of my little girl wearing it.

6. Make a timeline.
Post an event timeline. Be creative: write down some of those special and life changing events. Why are you where you are, and how did you get there?

7. What is your favorite thing about a season?
Why? Post a picture of something that makes it your favorite.

8. What puts a smile on your face today?
Did you laugh when your 2 little guys were playing and laughing together? Did you smile when you saw your precious little one finally asleep after an hour battle before bed? Did you smile because your tulips finally opened up?

 First time mowing our lawn this year.

9. Did you name a child after someone?
I am sure that this person is amazing and someone that is close to you. Write down why they are close to you. What do they have that you want your child to have? How can being named after this person influence your child?

Grandma Marilyn, who my daughter is named after.

10. What does your work space look like?
Why do you have a plant that looks like it isn't going to make it? Why a bobble head? What made you choose that picture to frame? Was the empty plate full of yummy snacks today?

I hope this sparks some great ideas that can help capture a little more of who you are and some fun ways to document them. Does anyone have any experience on printing their blog? Any suggestion on companies to use?


Erica said...

All I have to say is, I am inspired!! Thanks for the ideas!

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Great Ideas...I love this post!! I'm happy to be your newest follower. Please stop by for book club if you're interested--connie,

Jodee said...

What great ideas!! There are so many times that I find myself trying to take a "mental picture" of a moment with my boys that I know I will always want to remember, like watching them fall asleep in my arms. I will now try harder to write about those moments in my blog so it will be easier to remember those moments when they are grown! Thanks!!!

Andrea B said...

I love the idea of documenting your family and making a book out of it. Especially love the shoes picture!

K said...

Love the post. Loved the pictures even more. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer.

Stacey - Elle Belle said...

Great post, love these ideas!