Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reader's Show Off - Marjorie

I'm pretty excited to share this Reader's Show Off project with you.  My good, good friend Marjorie sent me pictures of a skirt she made.  I'm super impressed!

This Spring I had been searching the stores for a skirt to wear.  I wanted a skirt in a bright colour that didn't show off all of my legs.  This was obviously too much to ask for!  After many fruitless trips to the mall, I decided to make my own.  I used Vogue Options Pattern V8711.  My fabric store was having a big sale, so I got the pattern and fabric for 40% off.  The skirt is made from a stretchy knit and is really comfortable.  I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Don't you think she did a great job of this skirt?  (And also, don't you wish your legs looked like that?)  Thanks for sharing, Marjorie!


Carlee said...

Yes to the skirt and yes to the legs! I'm jealous of both.

Kate Weber said...

Yes! That is an incredible skirt! I get so jealous of people's abilities to sew clothes. I sure can't do it. I'm a quilt sewer all the way.

Simply Kate

Connie the crafterbug said...

She did a fantastic job! The pattern pictures don't even look as nice as hers.