Thursday, March 10, 2011

Problem Solved

Do you remember this post? Well, problem solved thanks to our reader Cindy. She saw this idea in a friends house and I LOVED it! I went online to find a door knocker. Did you know that some door knockers cost over $100? I did not and was shocked. I found a site that sold one I loved for $12.95 the shipping was $10. However, I had a question about it and tried the instant chat. After my questioned was answered there was a short survey to take that at the end gave me a free shipping code. We installed it and I love it. It is the perfect fix. Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions! I appreciate it so much. We have the best readers!
I like the detail this door knocker has. It was also very simple to install. Two screws and it was done.


Mary said...

I adore the knocker!
Do you have a hobby lobby near you? If so look where they have their hardware ( door knobs/ dresser knobs). I am addicted to their hardware. They have several knockers to choose from.
I'd never thought to be as creative to have used the door knocker. Major thumbs up!

Lizzy Lou said...

Like Mary^^ above said, if you have a Hobby Lobby near you, check out their hardware. They not only have A LOT to choose from, they are very inexpensive and half the time they're either 50% off or you can use a coupon... making them even more inexpensive.

Cindy said...

Hey Girl! I'm so glad I could help with your powder room door problem! I love your blog and was so honored when I read this post! I hope you have a chance to check out mine sometime! I proudly display your button (too cute, btw)!