Thursday, March 24, 2011

Household Hint

We're leaving the bathroom and heading to the kitchen this week. I know none of you ever let your microwave get like this.
Eww, can you see the spaghetti sauce on top and the yellow egg yolk in the center?
found this picture on google took this of my own microwave. I'm sure you and your family are all very meticulous about covering your plates and bowls when you use the microwave! In case you're not, here's a great and simple hint for cleaning the microwave. Place a bowl of water (microwave safe bowl of course) in the middle and turn the microwave on for several minutes. You want the water to boil. The steam from the boiling water helps loosen baked on foods. This trick might not be able to loosen everything, and in that case use a little 409!

The second hint comes from Carlee, another author on this blog:
Instead of buying childproof knob covers for your gas stove, just pull the knobs off.  I store my knobs in the cupboard above my stove.  I take one out when I need to turn on a burner or change the heat, and then put it back away while my dinner is cooking.  This makes it tricky for tiny hands to accidentally turn on burners.  This works just as well as buying expensive knobs, and it's free.

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MamaMonki said...

I put a lemon wedge in the water to clean the microwave and it makes everything smell nice too.

Marianne said...

Great tips. I just soak my dishwashing sponge and microwave it for a couple of minutes. That loosens the crud in the microwave and kills all the bacteria in the sponge and deodorizes it. This I do once a week and my microwave is always clean then, and my sponge is healthy and clean and lasts for a long time.