Sunday, March 6, 2011

Block of the Month - January

We are a new blog and are still trying to work out all the kinks! Isn't it fun? That being said, we are a little late in starting our new feature, Block of the Month. This first block is from January, the next two are from February, but don't worry the blocks for March will not be posted until the last Sunday of the month. Also, remember you have all year to catch up if you get behind. If you would like a PDF file emailed to you with the quilt grid and cutting and sewing directions email Shauntel directly:, or leave a comment with your email address. We are happy to answer any questions if the directions seem unclear. Just leave questions as comments; maybe someone else has the same question. We will answer all questions as quickly as we can, also as a comment.

Before we get started, we need to thank Julie Stubbs. She is the one who designed this quilt and is teaching Shauntel to quilt right now! She is truly amazing. Julie is also a quilter for hire. She owns an amazing quilting machine. She lives in South Jordan, Utah. If you are in the area and need some quilting done she charges a penny and a half per inch. If you'd like her phone number, you can also email Shauntel.

Now let's get on with quilting!

Contrary Wife Block #7
4-3 1/2 inch square - A
4-3 7/8 inch square - B
2-7 1/2 inch square - C
4-3 1/2 inch square - D
1-6 1/2 inch square - E
4-3 7/8 inch square - F
2-7 1/2 inch square - G

Start by laying out your one patch squares (A,D,E).
Next, take your 4-3 7/8 squares in background (B) and medium (F) fabric and make 8 half square triangles. Lay them where they belong. Attach together each corner '4 patch'.

Now take the 2-7 1/2 squares in background (C) and medium (G) fabrics and make 4 quarter triangle squares. Lay them where they belong.

Sew block together as if it were a large 9 patch. Remember to press as you go, this will help things line up. Square block to 18 inches.
Click here for instruction on half and quarter square piecing.

Have fun and GOOD LUCK!!!


Oh Sew Addicted said...

Very cute block! I have made this one before and I love it!!!

Lline said...

Love BOM's especially one that the blocks are different sizes. Yours fits the bill perfectly. Could you please send or post the pdf files. Thank you.

Mary Lissa said...

PDF...Plleeeasee C=
Thanks sista!

Anonymous said...

I would love these and the past ones in PDF! Eail to
Thanks! Mary

Michelle said...

What size is this block to be when it is all together? Thanks

Shauntel said...

This block is 18 inches square.

Michelle said...

Thanks Shauntel!