Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Hair

I saw a picture of a cute little girl with this hairstyle last year. That was it, just a picture of an adorable little girl with heart shaped hair, no tutorial. I'm not a very creative person. I'm great at copying but it makes me very happy when I see something I like to have step by step instructions. This is actually a very simple style, but truthfully I messed it up the first time! So for anyone like me, here is the step by step.
Step 1
My little girl is still growing out her bangs so I have to section them on top and flip them in a knot. Don't pull the elastic tight. Use a comb tail or your finger to make a hole under the elastic and fish the ponytail through it. Then pull it tight.

Step 2
Part hair in half. My part isn't straight, she's 3 so I have to work fast. Use a clip to hold one half while you do the other. At this point I divided the bang ponytail in half with the other hair also.

Step 3
Part the first half in half again.

Step 4
Make another flip knot upside down. For an upside down knot go from the bottom up.

Step 5
Divide the upside down knot in half and braid each half.

Step 6
Bring braided ends and bottom half of hair into one pony. You might have to tighten or loosen the braids to give them more of a heart shape. If you can't get the heart shape you want, use bobby pins to pin the round part of the heart. It will help hold the shape for the whole day.

Step 7
Repeat on other side of hair.

Step 8
Curl ends and add hair bows if your daughter will wear them!

This really is easier than it looks!


Jennifer said...

This is SO darling! I tried it out and it looked super cute. Thank you for such great pictures, I totally felt I could do it and wasn't overwhelmed. It turned out great the first time.

Moms of all Trades said...

I wish my girls hair was longer I love this!