Monday, January 31, 2011

Party Table Center Piece

Girls Night

I have so much fun hosting get togethers! Not only is there great company and great laughs there is preparation that is half the fun for me. I love center pieces and feel like it really sets the tone for a party. There are so many cute ideas out there so I thought I would throw mine into the mix.

I am in love with decorating for parties with gift bags! I like to find a handful of gift bags and purchase some fun colorful tissue paper. Depending on the party theme it is also fun to have a cute fan or flower sticking out of the top of the bag. I have also put a bouquet of helium balloons in the middle of the group of bags. (If you use balloons you want them to be tall enough that there not in peoples way of talking to the person across from them.) I think gift bags are a great way to decorate! You can also use the gift bags as take home party favors with something inside.

I loved the halloween witch paper high heel that I saw this past Halloween! I decided to switch it up with some pink paper and use it as a Girls Night hand out and center piece and was really happy with the way it turned out. Go here to get a pattern.

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Amy said...

How fun! I would never have thought of that, but I love it!