Saturday, January 1, 2011


I got my start sewing over 15 years ago, when my mom put me in sewing lessons.  Even as a 10 year old I loved being able to create and improvise.  I used to make clothes for my dolls, and even hand sewed a quilt for my cousin when she was born.  My favorite time of the year was always Halloween because that was when we would go to the fabric store and pick out a pattern for our costume that year.  Since then I have been sewing on and off.  That is, until about 4 years ago when I discovered quilting.  At last, I had found my love!!  I have been quilting ever since.  I also enjoy knitting and embroidery.  My husband says he feels like we skipped through the years and he is already married to an old woman!!  I tell him he is wrong, all of these crafts are just a form of creative expression and don’t make me old.  I also have an inexplicable obsession with ribbon.
I am currently working at a company that makes orthotics and prosthetics.  Since I work from 9-5 all week, I love coming home and working on projects (there are always a million!).  I married my handsome husband in 2005.  We recently bought our first home.  It has been fun working together to make it ours.  It is amazing how there is always something to fix up, you are never done.  We have a cute little West Highland Terrier named Alice that keeps us busy.  I also love to read, but rarely have time for it anymore, so I listen to audiobooks during my long commute (does that count as reading?).

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