Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Drawing a Star for Kids

I remember when I was young and first learned to draw a star like my mom. I had practiced and tried all sorts of ways to make those lines into...well anything! I felt so awesome when I finally got it. I wish I could remember how old I was, probably 13! ;) I have a very artsy five year old; she does not get that from me! She wanted so badly to learn to draw a star on her own so this is what we came up with:
I drew a little dot to dot for her to draw and trace. If you put it in a page protector sleeve or laminate it your child can use a dry erase marker and wipe it off until they get the hang of it. Or you could just make a few copies, it only took a few times until she was ready on her own. I told her this little "poem" I just came up with (I am not a poet either):

Start at the bottom with number ONE
Go on up to number TWO
Head back down to number THREE
Up and over to number FOUR
Straight across to number FIVE
End back where you began at number SIX


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