Tuesday, March 8, 2011

St. Patrick Hiding Game

One of my 2 year old's favorite games, is hide-and-go-seek. This past Valentine's, I thought I would do a heart hide-and-go-seek game. I cut out hearts and then hid them around the upstairs of the house while she sat on the stairs counting to 20. This game was a complete hit. I thought I would duplicate the game for March's holiday, St. Patrick's Day.
I purchased a foam sheet pack from the dollar store that had several colors in it. I made clovers and pots of gold. I added numbers to mine because we are working on number recognition, and this was another way I could implement the concept.
I used a white cardstock piece of paper for her to collect her hidden clovers and pots of gold. This helps her visualize how many she still needs to find, and again it helps her match up her numbers.
I used some power tack, also purchased from the dollar store, because I do not want tape pulling off my nicely painted walls. Kind of a paranoid thing, but, it also keeps sticky for much longer than tape does.
This game is super simple to put together, and it gives my little gal hours of enjoyment.


Anonymous said...

what a fun game for St. Patrick's Day! I can't wait to feature you on my St. Patrick's Day site!


Holiday Snob said...

This is so cute, and I know my kids will love it! I featured it on my blog:


Unknown said...

How fun! What a great idea!

I'd also love for you to join into my For the Kids Link Party! Stop on by!!


Stacey - Elle Belle said...

I love how you're incoporating learning and fun! Great idea!

Holiday Snob said...

I copied your game and the kids love it, there's a picture here:

(in a collage though!)

Kev Stevens said...

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