Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fresh Stylish Kitchen

I was ready for a
fresh stylish kitchen, it took me a little while to decide what I wanted to do but when I decided I was so excited and went right to work.

I already had this kitchen table that I was in love with but wanted to switch up the color. If you are looking for a new kitchen table look at a thrift store! There are always so many tables that are extremely sturdy for under $30. I would say it would only take a couple times going until your found one for you. With a little sanding and painting you will have one that looks like you got it form Pottery Barn but instead you have the exact color you wanted and you have extra money to put somewhere else.

We sanded down all the chairs and table and then primed and painted. I used a colored glaze that I painted on and then rubbed off to give it the distressed look. Allthingsthrifty has a fantastic tutorial on how to do this. I topped it with a nice glaze to give it durability and a finish.

I got this great vanity mirror from the thrift store. When I saw it I was super excited. I just primed, sanded and then painted. I finished it off with a glaze as well. It was just an afternoon project and it only costed me 6$. I love being thrifty!

The stencil I got at allthingsthrify as well. She has a how to make your own stencil as well as this design. I liked the idea of doing the whole wall but once I got the stripe on I thought it looked just perfect. This was really fun project!
I also got my chandelier at a thrift store. I am amazed at how many there are at any given day. I picked this fellow up for just $6 and painted it.
My kitchen has a really fun fresh look to it that creates just the atmosphere I was going for.


Amy said...

Oh my goodness, that stencil is adorable! And I LOVE The color you used for the chairs, do you remember what it's called?

Brittany Moore said...

This is SO cute! You're giving me the redecorating bug, even more so that I have already! And I LOVE how you got everything for SO cheap! Nice job!

Unknown said...

Okay! I want some awesome fun colored chairs as photo props!!!! I need to watch the tutorial, go to the thrift store, and get to work!!!

mjatpc said...

Wow! Color me inspired. I'm going out to buy some paint.