Monday, April 16, 2012

Yellow Floral Wreath- Made in just 10 minutes.

I painted my door black a few weeks ago and have been looking for the perfect wreath since. I have come across some darling floral wreaths on pinterest. I get a bit overwhelmed with floral arrangements or making wreaths. It something I haven't done much of and I am not confident in choosing and arranging different kinds of flowers. I new I needed to go simple and consistent if I was going to make one on my own. I also decided on yellow because I love the way it pops on the black door.

The wreath took me ten minutes once I decided what I wanted. I got a yellow floral garland from Hobby Lobby (I got it on a 50% discount and paid $15 for the garland). I already had a wreath I picked up over a year ago for a good deal. I simple wrapped my garland around my wreath twice tying it every five inches as I went.

This picture shows the ties. The main garland stem ran a bit in the inner cycle and the second time around was slightly on the outside.

I think it adds the perfect touch. I hope everyone is having fun with the great weather and working on the outside touches.


Shauntel said...

I enjoy making wreaths. I think they are one of the easiest things to put together...once you know what colors and flowers you want. I've made a few and love them. Yours is really cute. I love the yellow on the black door. Do you want new house numbers?

Jennifer said...

I wish wreaths came easy to me because I sure have a few I would really love. That should be our next girls night. :) I don't think I need numbers for the door but I do have another place I want some vinyl. :) Well have to talk.