Friday, April 27, 2012

Real Life

 Early this week Jen did a personal post. While I still have no desire to start running, I do feel like I can keep going in a weights class I started. My body aches after each class. Last night I couldn't stop shaking; my muscles were so mad at me. To each their own right? I love the more personal nature of her post and thought I would follow in her footsteps today.

The same morning that Jen posted I had taken a picture of my kitchen. Two  days before the picture was taken my kitchen was spotless. The dishes were done and put away. The garbage was all outside in the trash can. The floors were swept and mopped. The microwave was clean. The stove top was clean. The kitchen looked, felt even smelled clean. And then BAM. Saturday and Sunday hit like a tornado. Everyone was home. We didn't have any extra special plans that took us away from the house for too long. We enjoyed time together. It was one of those relaxing low stress weekends. We were all happy. Life was good.

I do have a point in posting this picture. First, it cracked me up. Hey if I didn't laugh I'd probably cry. Life is funny if you let it be. Second, did it make YOU feel a little better about yourself seeing someone else has messes just like you? Life is not perfect and I'm glad. While I don't love cleaning one mess, going to the next, and looking back to see the original mess there again, I do love the lessons it can teach. I can stress about a clean house or I can enjoy my family. I can try and be super mom and clean it all or just get over it and have a Dr. Pepper. My kids can run a muck or I can teach them. Do you see where I'm going? Life is short. Rather than trying to focus on the "perfect image" I'm going to go ride bikes with my kids. The mess will wait until everyone is asleep. And you know what? If I fall asleep too, it'll be there tomorrow!

I hope this picture could lighten your day just a little.


Mike&Jessica said...

I needed this post today! Thank you! Life can be so overwhelming. It is so nice to see someone else's kitchen look like mine... (of course mine is worse :-) I think we should all give ourselves persmission to let our houses look like this. I am a clean freak so of course I am going to keep trying but while the kids are little... I am going to try and let this part of life go down on the list of prorities. Thanks for the wonderful post. I love the pic!

Jennifer said...

I don't know how I missed this last week. I love it. Mine looks like this more then I would like to admit.