Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love Banner

I do not have a lot of extra space in my apartment, but I grew up in a home where my Mother decorated for any and every big or small holiday. Decorating my whole apartment would only look like a cluttery mess, instead I hung two shelves in my living room that I can use to decorate. I love to find little crafts to add to the shelves and I love this banner!

I used my Cricut to cut out 6 triangle flags, the letters L-O-V-E, and two hearts. 
(I am sure you could cut these out on your own, use stickers, cloth... some way to improvise if you don't have this amazing machine.)

After gluing each letter and heart to a separate flag, I laid the flags in order, upside down. Then I taped the ribbon (I chose a twine) onto the back of the flag.

 And ta-da! A super-cute banner/Valentine decoration!

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