Thursday, December 1, 2011


This was a really easy and fun project I did one afternoon with my mom. We found some block letters, Christmas paper, ribbon, and a bell. We started with the letters by sanding them down and making them smooth. 

Then we flipped the block letter backwards and traced the letter onto the back of our chosen paper (when you do this think of how the paper will be on your block when it is ready to be displayed, it gets kind of confusing. Backwards letter on the back of the paper :)

Then we painted our block letters. We chose cream. 

While the paint dried we cut out our paper. This can be tricky. Try to decide how much of your painted block letters you want to show in the front around the sides. I wanted mine to show about a centimeter all the way around my block letter's edges, so I had to trim mine down quite a bit. My mom on the other hand wanted her paper to completely cover the front of her blocks. She still had to trim around the paper letters to make them fit the blocks the way that she wanted them to, just less.  

When the paint dried we sanded our letters lightly to make them smooth again. We did heavier sanding on the edges to make the blocks look antiqued. Then we spray glued the letters on top of the wood blocks. 

We added our ribbon and bow to the centers of our 'O's. And ta-da, a really cute Christmas decoration! 


Erica said...

Super cute!!! I love the ribbon on the 'O'.

Jennifer said...

Love it! Simple, sweet and perfect for a space filler. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

Oh, and I love the bell in the middle of the O perfect touch.