Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to Fancy Your Ornament

This ornament was super fast and extremely easy! I think these decorations have added a lot of character to my tree. I really like the way that the marbles reflect the light from the tree lights. Really pretty!

First, I bought some plastic ornaments from the dollar store with a package of marbles. I also found some material I already had, and made sure I had lots of hot glue!

 This isn't exact science, I just thought the best way to hot glue the marbles onto the ornament was by making a straight line from one side of the ornament to the other.
 When the first line was made, I made a row to the right.
 After making two rows, I filled in the right side with marbles. when the right side was finished, I did the same thing to the left.
When I finished both sides, I tied a strip of fabric through my ornament and onto the tree.

Idea from this website. Thanks!

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Jennifer said...

How fun and cute! I LOVE the way the marbles reflect the light as well!