Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Homemade Apothecary Jar Gifts

Every year my husband's side of the family gets together for a party on Christmas Eve.  Everyone hands out family gifts.  This year we are being really frugal with our gift.  We decided to make these apothecary jars to hand out to each family.  I love these because they are not only a Christmas decoration, you can change the contents and have a whole new decoration.  You know how much I love versatility!

The past few weeks I have been haunting the thrift stores and DI for jars and candlesticks.  I was actually quite successful.  It was fun because usually I could get the jar for $.50-1.50 and the candlestick for $1-2.  Overall the average cost for each apothecary jar was $2-3.  Awesome right?

After I bought all of the jars and candlesticks my wonderful husband spray painted the lid and candlestick with rubbed bronze paint.  Then we glued them together with Goop, this stuff is awesome because it dries clear.

Now all I need to do is add a cute bow and I am set!!


Ma Heather and Pa Craig said...

I love the one you gave me! I love all the different shapes and styles. I will be using this idea for sure.

Regina said...

Oh how fun - i will have to stash this idea away for 2012 - and start checking thrift stores NOW! Hubby is one of 7 kids - this will stretch our gifting $$ for sure!