Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Gift Wrapping With Patterns Ideas

Do you remember my post a couple of weeks ago about using old patterns as tissue paper?  Well last week I was a guest on Ucreate parties.  I showed a few other ideas for gift wrapping with patterns.  In case you didn't see my post I thought I would share them with you here.

First get some old patterns from the DI.  As you can see these were only $.50 each, remember to get the fat ones!

You can use it instead of tissue paper, it matches with pretty much any bag, plus it is less expensive.  I can't believe how expensive tissue paper can get!  I know I already showed you this picture but I had to show you again.

I also use it as regular wrapping paper. I love the vintage feel it gives to any gift. I have a ton of white, brown, and red boxes that are perfect for wrapping this way since they don't have any writing on them to show through the pattern paper. I think it is all in the bows and extras that make the present. Oh, man I love ribbon!

Speaking of 'extras', with the left over scraps after wrapping all of my presents I cut out a bunch of flower shapes and circles and secure them with a brad to make a 'bow'.  I think these look adorable on presents that are wrapped in 'normal' wrapping paper.

Finally I used the awesome ladies on the cover of the pattern to make cards.  I love the lacy dresses, they are so vintage and cute.

I am so excited for Christmas and all of the wrapping that I get to do! 


Shauntel said...

Those cards rule! They crack me up!

Feral Turtle said...

Way to use everything! What a great upcycle you have created! Cheers