Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Chore Chart

A friend of mine shared with me her darling chore chart idea while we were on a walk. She said she thought it would be great to have a Candy Land chore chart with rewards along the way. I decided to take her idea and run with it.

A Summer Chore Chart:
Every time my girl does a chore she moves ahead one space; every time she disobeys a family rule she moves backward one space and gets a two minute time out. 

Our family rules are: 
  • No yelling
  • No fits
  • Talk nice to each other
  • No food out of the kitchen 
My Two almost Three year old's chores are:
  • Clean bedroom
  • Take all toys to the toy room
  • Clean play kitchen
  • Help Mom when asked
  • Work on flashcards
As she moves along on the board, she is working toward the closest fun stop. Her last fun stop was the local zoo, and now she is working on a ice-cream date night with just Mom and Dad.
I can't believe the results! She is working super hard and she asks every day if it is time to do her chores. I also threaten that she will have to move backwards and she will rethink the fit she is about to have.

Some of the other reward stops are:
  • Popcorn movie night in the playhouse
  • Help Mom make your favorite treat
  • Go to the store and pick one toy
  • Go to Michaels and pick out new paint
  • Pick out some new earrings

I think this chart would be great to have a group of siblings working together on. You could have them encouraging each other to do their chores and maybe treating each other better because they don't want to move backwards for each person in the argument. 

The friend with the idea, Jodee, made her chart shortly after I did. She designed her chart to last the summer where mine is to last the month. She had some great ideas that I thought I would share with you. 

Look how cute her little guy's moving marker is!
She did her chart so that her boy has one big chore each day. Every day is a different chore. If he did his job for the day he gets to move forward one space. She also has an 'extra jobs' section where he earns stickers by doing extra things that aren't required. If he earns two rows of stickers he moves ahead one space. 

I loved some of Jodee's reward stops:

  • Date night with Grandpa and Grandma
  • Pick a toy at the dollar store
  • Sleep over with cousins
  • Pick the menu for the day
  • Extra Wii time
  • Go to the museum
  • Get a frosty

I was hoping this would get you thinking about a fun chore chart for the summer that will help you and your little ones. Thanks Jodee for coming up with a wonderfully effective chore and family rules idea!


Delaney said...

What a fun way to get kids to do chores!

MamaMonki said...

Great idea! I'm going to shelve this one away until Weeman is big enough for chores.

The Peros said...

This comes just in time. Now that preschool and tball are over, I had decided to do a chore chart for summer. This is a fun way of doing it!